Birth of a full-grown man: John tries to win Dorle back.

While Dorle was travelling with Toscanini and the Philharmonic and taking romantic side trips with British police officers and Syrian rug salesman, John Franklin Carter tried to regain her affection.

First by praise:
“You remarked on how even the strongest of men took his strength and glory to a woman and let her take it from them. You forgot to mention how men also get strength from women and how by being with you I become more strong and glorious than I would ever be without.”
Then by gloom:
“The future looks dark and uncertain to me. I know that I shall lose you and then I shall die. My corpse may walk around for a few years longer and I shall never forgive my wife and family being the innocent obstacles to the one thing in life which I have greatly desired. “
“You can write if off, if you like, as an amusing experiment in ecstasy but for me it has been and is both great and terrible. What it will do with me I do not know and I am too preoccupied in preventing it from destroying those who are innocent.”
“Darling, you are no longer as necessary to me as you were”
More Praise:
“ I am lame without you. Of course, but what I am trying to say is that you have made me completely myself and have given birth to a full-grown man.”
More gloom:
“Darling, I realize that I need you and that things are badly arranged in life and there is no other life and besides the weather is lousy.”

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