It’s hard to get the chronology straight, but we know of at least one more shipboard romance of Dorle’s. This one was with Bill Barker, a British Police officer in Palestine during the late thirties who she met on a boat from Trieste to Jaiffa. She was on her way on her way, I assume, to meet her Syrian lover, George Asfar, in Damascus.

Here are two “snaps” of Bill Barker in Palestine that he sent Dorle. He is the one speaking in one picture and the one dressed like a police officer wearing a fez in the other.

The following is from a letter Barker wrote Dorle a year or so after their romance while heading to Palestine on the same boat. The Simpson must Wallis Simpson of Edward the Eighth fame. That scandal that would have been unfolding just at that time.

Fearing nothing, I broke the icy atmosphere and drank two sherries. At dinner, I sat alone. There was a bunch of roses and two candles opposite just in front of an empty chair. The roses represented you. They were reddish in bud and cream in flower. That’s you. Dorle, I hate you. Hate you. Hate you. Why the hell you are not on board instead of putting pep in pep in Noo (sic) York. I don’t know. Seriously, if you were on board tonight I would promote you. You should be above ALL sheep and above all fairly good goats. In fact, I would create a new category – you would be placed above all very good looking and marvelous women, well above Miss Simpson, because you after all are- a good looking woman and moreover, a marvelous woman.

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