In 1936, Dorle sailed across the Atlantic for an extended European tour with the Philharmonic and took some side trips of her own.

“Don’t go up by the funnels with anybody by starlight,” John jealously warned her. “Otherwise you can, of course, do as you please—you will, anyway! Have some champagne cocktails for me and don’t die of exhaustion before you step on the boat.”

He was worried by her refusal to promise fidelity on her journey. “It makes me physically sick to be told (of course, I knew all the time) that you might give yourself to another man. What I shall be without you I cannot imagine – even for a few weeks—let alone years –as you are now so much a part of me as my leg or my entrails, and I know that I am part of you. That makes me happy.”

John may have been right to be worried . Here is Dorle with another one of her lovers, George Asfar, in Syria in 1936.


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